About us

IBEROLAT is a company specialized in offering consulting to companies that aspire to expansion and growth, within the area of influence that includes Spain, Mexico, Italy and Portugal.

IBEROLAT HOTELS is the division specialized in consulting for the hotels sector, with special approach in purchase opportunities, management, rental or hotels association, as well as projects and real estate for hotels.

IBEROLAT MULTUM specializes in consultancy for the expansion of companies as well as  in the purchase and sale of companies and businesses. The delegations that we have established in the four countries of influence allow us to develop specific projects according to the customer’s needs.

IBEROLAT REALTORS attends the market of unique and singular properties, such as historic buildings, castles, palaces etc., in the framework of detailed business plans that allow the investors to know with accuracy the projection of recovery and profit of their investments.

IBEROLAT has experienced professionals in the Planning, Representation and business Management, necessary in the opening of new markets, as well as to detect and to receive opportunities.

IBEROLAT is the bridge between countries and the bridge between investors and market opportunities. We are the necessary tool for all those who wish to undertake projects with sense and security, measuring and minimizing risks.

In IBEROLAT we offer solutions that materialize in savings and concrete benefits for each company, investment fund, society or individual who receives our services. A selected network of specialists allows us to serve our customers in a timely and specialized manner, with objectives and tangible goals.

IBEROLAT represents its investors in the search of the product that better fits to its needs and preferences, achieving the best opportunities and negotiations for their benefit.

IBEROLAT represents its selling clients in the search of the best client for its product, through the correct exhibition and marketing of it, according to the type of product and the customer’s needs. Absolute confidentiality is one of our mottos